Focus on Translation

Finance and Securities

Released on: 2021-04-21

 As a world-leading quality financial translation service provider, YGYM can always provide accurate and fluent translations of unusual and obscure specialized vocabularies and is proficient in providing professional translation services in respect of finance and economics, financial policies, investment and financing plans, economy, insurance, foreign-related claims, banking, financial products, foreign exchange quotation software systems, securities, listing plans, funds and other finance industries, including: annual reports of financial enterprises, invitations to bid for financing, company profiles, financial product descriptions, assets appraisal reports, accounting statements, settlement statements, public enterprise settlement materials, financial statements, inspection reports, accounting manuals, accounting rules, other regulations, investigation and analysis reports, market reports, security analysis reports, enterprise credit survey reports, brief notes on economic profiles in accounting, law and other fields, insurance translations, project financing, trust investment and venture capital investment.

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