Focus on Translation

International Engineering

Released on: 2021-04-21

Multilingually competent for the accurate and smooth translation of many rare and difficult terminology in the international engineering, YGYM especially excels in the professional translation of energy policies of the Middle East, Central Asia, the Russian Federation and other related countries, in the technical translation in the development of petroleum, natural gas and coal, chemical chemistry, materials manufacturing, petrochemical industry, mining, smelting, raw materials development technology, and in the proficient translation of documents in environmental protection, electric power, nuclear power, water conservancy, transnational cooperation of energy enterprises, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions etc.

The fields involved are wind power, hydropower, thermal power, pre-embedded equipment, installation, operation, maintenance, power industry information, power design, power standardization, power technology, industry analysis and forecasting, power industry technical standards etc.;
petroleum, natural gas, coal, solar energy, diesel, gas equipment, water-saving equipment, electricity, battery, refined oil, coal-to-liquids, electric coal, coal mine, coke, solar chips, power saving appliances, vehicle power supplies, generators, fuel oil, nuclear energy, crude oil, biofuels, water heaters, etc.;

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